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Sea kayakers and kayaking guides, scuba diving & snorkelling instructor, lifeguards and lifeguarding instructor,coasteering trainee, mountain biking guides, windsurfing instructor, skiing & snowboarding instructors, hikers, first aid providers, herbalist, adventurers - meet our team . . .


Founder of Pula Outdoor,

kayaking, snorkelling and coasteering guide

She is a local person of the sea who likes to be outdoors, enjoys sea kayaking, learning new skills and languages, photography, teaching sports and making bubbles underwater.


"I love my job mostly because of exchanging experiences and knowledge."


Her favourite tour is "Pula Coasteering" - you can conquer the fear of heights, explore the caves and catch a crab!


She likes people with good sense of humour and dislikes cigarettes. 

Philosophy of life: Follow your heart and you will find the truth.

. . . 

Education / certificates / experience:

* Outdoor activities provider certificate

(Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service)

* Sea kayaker EPP 2

(Tuilik, Pagaia Azzura, Euro Pass Paddle)

* Coasteering trainee

(4 Elements Adventure, British National Coasteering Charter Group)

* Sea lifeguard

(Croatian Red Cross)

* Scuba diving Instructor

(Croatian Diving Association, CMAS)

* Bachelor of Sports and recreation

(University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, Croatia)


Kayaking and snorkelling guide

This young enthusiast loves snorkelling and cliff jumping, cars, having fun, hanging out with friends and good grill.


"I love my job because I can be with people in the nature, doing some sports."


His favourite adventure is "Kamenjak All Round" - full day activity which has all what you need for fun day on the sea!


He likes communicative people and dislikes mosquitoes. 

Philosophy of life: You only live once!


Mountain biking guide

This former rower and active mountaineer loves to grow his own food, cooking, music, Slovenia, web design and reading books. 


"I love my job because I get to meet people on bikes and show them nature beauties of Istria."


His favourite adventure is "Premantura Bike Ride" - that's the place which revokes his happy childhood memories.


He likes simplicity and dislikes mess. 

Philosophy of life: Simple living, high thinking.


Food manager

She is an active husky-labrador-samoyed mix who likes everything outdoors. It's important to be on the move. Swimming, kayaking and mountain biking are her favourites!

“Vau Vau UuuUU AAuuU Vau vAu! - Translation: I like my job because I get cookies!"

Her favourite tour is when guests throw rocks in the water so she can look at the splashes! 

She likes digging sand and dislikes fireworks.

Philosophy of life: “Just give me treats, I'll be fine!”


CoFounder of Pula Outdoor, 

kayaking and mountain biking guide

This economist found her dream job - to be a sports guide. She loves windsurf, snowboard, teaching sports, enjoys concerts, mountains and reading novels.


"I love my job: it's outdoors, I'm always on the move, meeting interesting people."


Her favourite tour is "Pula Night GLOW" - it's so special - just the sea of silence, tranquility and kayaks glowing in the dark.


She likes to hang out with easygoing people and dislikes big crowds. 

Philosophy of life: FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning.

. . . 

Education / certificates / experience:

* Outdoor activities provider certificate

(Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service)

* Kayak guide

(VOWS, Vereinigung österreichischer Wassersport-Schulen)

* Mountain bike guide

(VOWS, Vereinigung österreichischer Wassersport-Schulen)

* Windsurfing teacher

(VOWS, Vereinigung österreichischer Wassersport-Schulen)

* Snowboard & ski instructor

(ISIA - International Ski Instructors Association, KSSV - Kaerntner Skischulverband)

* Graduate in Economics

Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka, Croatia


Kayaking and snorkelling guide

She is a traveler through stories and an outdoor sports enthusiast. She likes water, sun, all the living beings and being linked with nature. 


"I love my job because of connecting travel and nature. Countries, experiences and connecting with people."


Her favourite tour is "Pula Night GLOW" - meditational experience with night sky, calm sea and moonlight. 


She likes nature people and dislikes traffic jam.

Philosophy of life: When nothing is going right, surf left.


Booking staff

She is a young language student - our behind the curtain girl.

She did Erasmus in Montenegro and Slovenia, loves volleyball, chatting and her dog.

“I love my job because I get to help people to choose the right adventure for them, I’m connected with the whole wide world!”

Her favourite tour is Pula Cliffs & Cave – you can do so many things in just 3 hours! 

She’s vegetarian who likes nature but dislikes grasshoppers.

Philosophy of life: “Life’s too short, you got to live it long!”


Avantura ispod oblaka,

obrt za pustolovni turizam,

vl. Tea Radošević, 40323131462


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52100 Pula

Hrvatska - Croatia