Frequently asked questions

How many participants are in the group?

Groups are made for up to 10 participants per adventure with the guide. Depending on the activity, the number can vary (+- 2 participants). Anyway, we like to make it more cozy so the guide has the chance to speak with everyone in the group and give individualised instructions and information.

Who can join the adventures?

Adventures are created in a way that they can be customised for beginners and families with small children, as well as for advanced sporty people. Anyway, every adventure has a short description and distance we cover, so please make sure you know what you'll be joining. We don't suggest these adventures for couch potatoes. 

How can I make a reservation / book?

The best way to book is through our website. You can go to Adventures --≥ choose the adventure you like --≥ Book Now --≥ follow the instructions on the screen. When you almost finish booking procedure, you will be asked how you want to pay. You have two options, online payment via PayPal (euro) or payment in cash at the spot (local currency: Croatian kuna - HRK). When you solve the last part, you will get a confirmation of your booking. 

How will I know my reservation / booking went through?

Once you make an online reservation / book via our website, you will get an automated email with confirmation. In order to make sure that you got the confirmation email and that we got your correct contact info, you will also receive an email from our booking office and we'll ask you to reply. The office will try to send the email as soon as possible during working hours, latest 48hrs after the reservation / booking was made.

Do you run different adventures on certain days of the week?

We run different adventures every day (if the weather conditions allow). To be sure if your desired adventure is on the schedule for the period of your holiday in Istria, please go to "Book now" under chosen adventure and you'll see the calendar with available dates. In case you would like to book the adventure for some other date (which is not offered), you can contact us anytime, we will check and let you know the possibilities.

Where can I see the schedule of adventure I'd like to book?

To see the schedule / calendar for desired adventure, please go to "Book now" under chosen adventure and the calendar will pop up.


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